Watch the 5-minute Demos to Optimize your Storage

Intelligent Archive for Storage Optimization

Gain visibility into your storage environment and file content to identify areas of storage cost reduction, efficiency, and optimization.

Understand your data to identify cold, redundant, obsolete, and trivial data which can be moved to object storage archive. Our customers have found up 71% of inactive data on their Tier 1 storage which was costing them $5M in storage costs. Optimizing their storage environment lead to 51% cost savings.

This demo includes:

  • Metadata Analytics
  • File Content Analytics
  • Intelligent Archive

Sensitive Data Classification

Discovery and Classification of Sensitive Data is a key to determine which files need to be migrated, secured, or removed entirely.

Discover sensitive data based upon AI/machine learning
technology to identify where the data should be stored and how it should be managed to reduce risk and limit its exposure. Insight AnalytiX delivers discovery, tagging, management, and movement of unstructured data based upon identifying the data that meets compliance handling requirements.

This demo includes:

  • File Content Analytics
  • Privacy Risk Classification

Data Mobility for the Hybrid Cloud

Achieve agility, flexibility, and resiliency, and operational efficiency with data mobility for the hybrid cloud infrastructure environment.

Organizations want to have their data at the right time, place, and format whether its on-premise or on the cloud. Data mobility accelerates hybrid cloud adoption and delivers agility. With our scalable architecture, one customer achieved a throughput of 35 TB/ day when moving their data to the cloud!

This demo includes:

  • Data Replication
  • Data Migration
  • File to Object Transformation

Data Governance

Limit exposure of open shares and files with sensitive data with automated data governance.

What happens when the data security team configures a new server, but they now need you to confirm that the data on the server is compliant? Where do you even begin? Gain visibility into your storage environment by identifying open shares and files with PII. With this information, the security team can then decide how to limit the exposure of those files.

This demo includes:

  • Open Shares Report
  • PII Identification