From Data Deluge to Targeted Marketing to Storage Management…It’s All About the Data!

The digital age has been a hot topic for several years. However, as each day goes by it is amazing to see how almost every aspect of our lives is immersed in technology.

We wake up and check our emails and Facebook before we get out of bed. We also spend time each day reading online newspapers and blogs, writing on our own blogs, and commenting on articles other people have written.

Our purchasing trends have also changed.

More and more of us use online shopping as our primary means of buying. Online shopping is convenient, lets us quickly and easily compare prices so we can get the best deals, and our purchases are shipped right to our doorsteps.

I was at a Starbucks the other day, and was amazed to see that of the 12+ people in front of me, all but one had a digital Starbucks account. They just waved their phones at the register, then head on down the counter to grab their beverage and go.

As technology users, we see how technology transforms our lives and makes our day-to-day activities easier. At the same time, as consumers and customers, we generate data at an explosive rate. And all of the data we generate is tremendously valuable to companies that want to leverage our data so they can target us with offers for even more goods and services.

Imagine walking into a restaurant and getting a menu that shows you only the entrees you like to eat or have eaten before. Since I’m a vegetarian, I would love to be able to see a list of just the things I can eat, instead of having to wade through an entire menu just to find the couple of vegetarian entrees I’m interested in ordering.

I would also be in heaven if I could simply walk into a bar and immediately be greeted with a smile and the words “Here’s your black label”! And this same idea applies to emails for travel, everyday purchases, and so on.

Companies want to be able to strategically leverage the vast amount of data we as customers are generating, and they are busy building applications that will “mine” the data and allow them to create focused, personalized offerings that appeal to our individual tastes.

Of course, companies have to be able to store all of this customer-generated data. And since the criticality and value of this data continues to increase, finding storage that delivers the required performance but is still cost effective continues to be a challenge for most companies.

Over the past few years, storage manufacturers have responded to the data explosion by offering more robust capabilities. However, they have also come to realize that it’s the software that manages the physical disks that is of greatest value.

Today, companies have networked attached storage (NAS) devices that are cost-effective and have performance levels that meet most application requirements. The NAS market also continues to grow at an aggregate rate of 54% year-over-year. In addition, companies are adopting new technologies such as clustered file systems, which allow you to scale your NAS infrastructure by adding additional filers without disruption.

As the growth in NAS storage continues to accelerate, data retention and management becomes increasingly critical. Companies have retention and archival policies that require moving data from one location to another – usually towards storage that is more cost effective, although it may have a fractionally longer response time. There is also a need to address disaster recovery and business continuance capabilities. If an event occurs that prevents users from accessing data stored on primary storage, the failover to alternate storage should be seamless and occur with minimal down time.

Due to this data explosion and corresponding growth in storage systems, the need to have a software platform that can ensure optimal storage use while providing the highest level of uptime and performance is not a nice-to-have, but a must-have.

Finding a single, centralized software solution that can address multiple storage management needs across a broad range of storage vendors, rather than piecing together multiple point solutions, simplifies storage management. Using a software platform that is not tied to a specific vendor gives you the flexibility to purchase the storage that best meets your needs, instead of limiting you to the particular systems available from a specific vendor.

The storage management software platform that most enterprises rely on and trust is StorageX. StorageX is the leader in file infrastructure management and optimization. StorageX is deployed in some of the world’s largest financial, manufacturing, retail and defense companies, and is the platform of choice for managing their NAS infrastructure. Learn more about StorageX and the value it can bring to your organization…

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Piyush Mehta has more than 19 years entrepreneurial experience focused on software and technology services and he is the CEO of Data Dynamics. Piyush has established alliances & partnerships with key industry leaders within the storage industry and he developed a culture that inspires and rewards creativity and unity within the organization. He has extensive global experience in treasury, investor relations, business strategy, acquisitions and divestitures, finance, and operations.

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