StorageX Lives! Learn More About the “Resurrection” of StorageX

StorageX Resurrection - image of StorageX rising again like the sunAs many of our customers who have been using StorageX know, StorageX was originally developed by NuView, later acquired by Brocade, and then acquired once again by Data Dynamics in 2012. (See Our Story for a more in-depth explanation on all of this acquisition activity.)

Since the acquisition of StorageX by Data Dynamics, the Data Dynamics StorageX team, which consists of many “veteran” developers of StorageX from the NuView and Brocade days, has been heads down and hard at work on the latest release of StorageX, which includes several new features and updates.

We have talked about some of these new features and updates in previous articles, such as in the article from Jackie Lau, one of our senior software developers, New StorageX 7.0 Feature: Migration Projects, where Jackie talks about how the new StorageX “Migration Projects” feature came about. Paul Place, one of our senior software architects, has also provided an article, StorageX and NFS – A Short History, where Paul gives a short history of StorageX NFS support, as well as talks about some NFS support updates we made in the latest release of StorageX.

Earlier this week when we announced that StorageX is now shipping in volume, we also got some nice coverage in SearchStorage and InfoStor about our release and how StorageX can help customers old and new with their file data migration and management.

First, check out the nice article from Sonia Lelii over at SearchStorage, “Data Dynamics resurrects StorageX for file migration,” where Sonia talks about where StorageX came from, as well as where StorageX is heading.

Also check out the short article from Pedro Hernandez over at InfoStor, “Data Dynamics Ships StorageX 7.0,” where Pedro talks about new features in StorageX, as well as some of the enhanced DFS management capabilities that StorageX provides.

Although we have been heads down and “quiet” over the last few months here at Data Dynamics working hard on getting our latest StorageX release out, we wanted to make sure that everyone knows that the “StorageX engine” is primed and firing over here and that we are looking forward to continuing to enhance and extend StorageX for many years to come.

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Remember, StorageX lives! Long live StorageX!

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