A focused, talented, and fun team.

Every time I come to Houston, I am more and more impressed with the team we have here. During this visit, I sat individually with each of the team members, and it was great to see each of them articulate their passion and dedication for the company. Each of them spoke of how they love coming to the office and how it’s not “work” but rather something they look forward to.

They truly believe in the product, StorageX, and want to see it be a leader in storage management — thanks in large part to their daily hard work and efforts. They treat it as their baby, and you can see and sense that love for it in their faces. Each of them was very complimentary of their colleagues, many to go so far as to say that “This is the best team they have ever worked with.” The entire team has become an extended family, and as new members come on board, they feel at home and part of the family in a matter of days

What I find impressive is that the team executes flawlessly, is meticulous in their thought process and execution of code, QA, and documentation, but does so while having fun. If you sit in the office and watch them, many times you will think you are in a kindergarten classroom. While working, a styrofoam dart may hit you to get your attention; you may be given the “Trophy of Shame” to put on your desk if you broke the code build (trust me, this is something you don’t want on your desk); you will be told an acronym “TWSS” (thank God we don’t have an HR head). They are mischievous, hilarious, and above all else fun, good, and honest people. They are also some of the most intelligent people you will meet, and that is reflected in their work, their thought process, and overall acumen.

Every start-up thinks they have a great idea that is going to revolutionize the world. Most startups fail due to a lack of execution and focus. We are truly blessed to have built a team that executes like no one else and does so in a happy environment. Work doesn’t become something you hate waking up and going to; on the contrary, going to the office is something you look forward to. With a team like the dev team we have at Data Dynamics Houston, success is inevitable, and along the way a whole lot of fun!

Piyush Mehta About Piyush Mehta

Piyush Mehta has more than 19 years entrepreneurial experience focused on software and technology services and he is the CEO of Data Dynamics. Piyush has established alliances & partnerships with key industry leaders within the storage industry and he developed a culture that inspires and rewards creativity and unity within the organization. He has extensive global experience in treasury, investor relations, business strategy, acquisitions and divestitures, finance, and operations.

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