Why I Don’t Like Bowling, or Why Data Migration is Best Left to Software

I don’t like bowling. It seems to me that a robot would be a better bowler than a person — there’s no judgment required, as it’s the same target every time, with no wind shifts, defenses to consider, or human factors that add nuance to the game. Sure, it’s hard to repeat the optimal bowl every frame to hit the perfect score of 300, but if you designed a machine with close enough tolerances to do the exact same thing every time, it would always be better than a human.

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What’s a File, What’s a Block, What’s an Object?

If you pay any attention to data storage, you’ve heard of files, blocks, and objects many times, but do you really know what they mean and where you would use each of them?

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Data Dynamics Offers a Helping Hand to NetApp

Our technology partner NetApp has had a rough go over the last several weeks, starting with the announcement of lower than predicted revenues, which was followed by the firing of CEO Tom Georgens, their leader since 2009. Much of the problem revolves around the difficulty customers are having in migrating to new systems running Clustered Data ONTAP.

This is a subject that we at Data Dynamics are quite familiar with; our StorageX software platform has helped multiple customers move data from 7-mode systems to those running Clustered Data ONTAP quickly, reliably, and without the complexity and uncertainty of scripting or swing space targets.

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