Should I Ask NYU for a Refund?

Every day I read about how a company raised “X Millions” from a VC, and it is broadcast across all media outlets. The round of funding varies depending on the stage of the company. The early-stage companies have either no revenue or minimal at best, and most of these companies are selling a vision that, in today’s marketplace, venture capitalists don’t want to miss out on. There are many VCs that may have passed on Uber or Facebook or LinkedIn and feel that they definitely don’t want to repeat that mistake.

These early-stage companies are getting valuations that are astronomical in any historical sense. I recently read an article where a company that is still pre-revenue received a $200 million dollar plus valuation. These early-stage companies are typically raising $1+ million, and lately it seems like that amount has increased to $10 million+.

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Sales Reps: When and Whom?

Running a start-up is considered in vogue these days, with venture firms pumping money into new ideas and innovations at record valuations. Most entrepreneurs are extremely excited and passionate about their product or solution and want to have global adoption as quickly as possible. After spending a majority of time developing a software or product, that anticipation starts to build, as we look to take our “baby” to market.

In the myriad of this excitement, we as CEOs of these companies start pushing aggressively to bring in sales and revenue, as that is the “lifeline” of any start-up. Every day we get up dreaming of how quickly can we sign up that first customer or build out a partnership which will lead us to our first major revenue milestone.

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A focused, talented, and fun team.

Every time I come to Houston, I am more and more impressed with the team we have here. During this visit, I sat individually with each of the team members, and it was great to see each of them articulate their passion and dedication for the company. Each of them spoke of how they love coming to the office and how it’s not “work” but rather something they look forward to.

They truly believe in the product, StorageX, and want to see it be a leader in storage management — thanks in large part to their daily hard work and efforts. They treat it as their baby, and you can see and sense that love for it in their faces. Each of them was very complimentary of their colleagues, many to go so far as to say that “This is the best team they have ever worked with.” The entire team has become an extended family, and as new members come on board, they feel at home and part of the family in a matter of days

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Celebrating the First Year of Data Dynamics and the “New” StorageX!

Happy Birthday Birthday Cake with One Candle imageWhen they say “time flies,” it has a whole different meaning for those of us in start ups!

While we were excitedly announcing last week that we were now shipping the latest version of StorageX in volume, it suddenly dawned on us that we had been so busy getting our product out that time had flown right on by us. We had entirely forgotten to pause for a moment and celebrate our first year as a company!

Although the reminiscing over our first year as a company may be a little past due, in the spirit of “better late than never” I wanted to take a moment and share with you some of my thoughts as I reflect back over these last 12-14 months here at Data Dynamics, as we took the company from inception right on through to our first release of the “new” StorageX.

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From Data Deluge to Targeted Marketing to Storage Management…It’s All About the Data!

The digital age has been a hot topic for several years. However, as each day goes by it is amazing to see how almost every aspect of our lives is immersed in technology.

We wake up and check our emails and Facebook before we get out of bed. We also spend time each day reading online newspapers and blogs, writing on our own blogs, and commenting on articles other people have written.

Our purchasing trends have also changed.

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Cloud Transforming How We Manage Storage Infrastructure

When I first heard of the ‘cloud’ I thought of it as simply marketing jargon being used by technology companies to create a false new market. Boy was I wrong! The Cloud, in its various forms, is re-defining how we access, utilize and manage software, hardware and IT services.

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Adoption of New Storage Hardware: A Challenge and a Solution

Storage hardware continues to evolve to meet the challenges required to support the exponential growth of the digital universe. Hardware vendors are developing new systems that can store multi petabyte (PB) of storage, with various different disk sizes and types. The innovations in hardware are tied to software improvements that provide better management and performance of the data that resides on them. The challenge lies in understanding what resides on the existing storage systems and how best to migrate them to the new hardware platforms.

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Goliath May Become David and an Unknown May Become Goliath…

In the 1990’s Sun Microsystems, Nortel, WorldCom were all household names and Wall Street ‘darlings’. Today they no longer exist! Companies such as Microsoft, Dell and HP were expected to continue to be the standard bearers of technology and they have foundered. Companies that didn’t exist a couple of decades ago are now an integral part of our daily lives, including Google, Amazon and Facebook. They have changed how we communicate and socialize, how we transact and shop, how we organize and plan our schedules. We no longer consider technology as something that’s for geeks; rather it has infiltrated and become a core part of our personal and professional lives.

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Starting a New Venture

Ever start a new venture?

Starting a new company is challenging and requires tremendous amount of fortitude and risk tolerance. Entrepreneurship is genetic and cannot be acquired. It requires you to take risks beyond reason and strive with unrivaled passion to take an idea from inception to fruition. From determining a company name, to the best tax structure for the entity and state of incorporation, to recruiting the right talent all requires tremendous amount of planning.
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