One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with over 135,000 employees, hundreds of millions of files, and petabytes of data, was looking to change their platform from their legacy vendor to NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP. The customer was concerned with the disruption the migration would have on its end users and NetApp’s ability to ensure the migration completed in a timely manner with zero risk. The initial data set was a little over 500TB spread across millions of files.

NetApp’s sales team selected StorageX 7.6 as the migration software of choice. StorageX provided a single pane for managing the migration and ensuring a consistent delivery across several global customer sites. With API integration into both the source and target infrastructures, Storage X was able to provision the storage on the new Clustered Data ONTAP, create the same directory structures, and migrate the data. StorageX supported both CIFS and NFS based protocols and ensured that the permissions on the source were copied successfully on the new clustered Data ONTAP target.

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