How to Manage Your Orphaned Data

While companies continue to create and store data, with exception of structured data, many companies are unaware of the data present within many Windows shares or NFS exports.  Over time, data has moved from department to department, project to project, been created and unused or has been left orphaned by users leaving the company or because of corporate restructuring.

StorageX 8.0 introduces our File Analytics web portal.  The web portal displays a dashboard representing the results of data scans and subsequent analysis.  Each data scan interrogates a specified share, export, or multiple shares and exports.  The scan tags and compiles the file metadata into the file analytics database.  Once the metadata is in the database, we can query the tags and metadata to narrow down the scope of data that is of concern.

File metadata can be used to help a company determine the use, ownership, file type, file size, creation date, access date, last modify date and many other criteria that can be used to make decisions about where the data should be stored.  For purposes of this discussion, we will focus on ownership, specifically, unowned or orphaned data.

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