250000 User Shares Moved to OneDrive using Policy-Driven Automated Migrations

for a fortune 200 bank

Business Need

  • Hundreds and thousands of user files to be migrated to OneDrive
  • Moving sensitive files based on certain predefined tags
  • Maintaining metadata with respect to timestamps

Challenges Faced

  • 250000 user shares to be migrated to OneDrive
  • Lack of classification-based policy (Tags-based decision making)
  • Retaining the original timestamps on the migrated files
  • Shares were SMB shares but needed support for NFS exports as well

Solution Offered

Data Dynamics’ StorageX with Mobility and Analytics module for automated migrations:

  • Large amounts of files moved to One-Drive
  • Identified a set of matching shares/exports to be moved
  • Provided automated and policy-based migration
  • Scan 10s of billions of files with certain predefined tags
  • Provided an option to create policies based on the filters
  • Minimal disruption to business for cutover

Business Impact

  • On-premises storage costs were significantly reduced, since Office 365 provides 1TB of complementary OneDrive storage.
  • Ease of use to migrate a large number of user files into OneDrive using the centralized console
  • Policy-driven migrations enabled automation, quicker turnaround time and intelligent data placement

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