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Data Dynamics empowers enterprises to seamlessly analyse, move, manage and modernize their critical data assets—from creation to archival—while maximizing the value of their current and future infrastructure investments, on-premises and in the cloud.

That’s a strong claim and we back it up everyday. Our award-winning StorageX software platform enables businesses to unlock their data, so that they can quickly adapt to changing business requirements. Today, StorageX is trusted by 24 of the top Fortune 100 companies and customer proven with more than 160 PB of storage optimized. The result? StorageX has saved more than 80 years in project time and
$80 million in total storage costs.

The intelligent cloud file management platform enables organizations to visualize their data across the enterprise while allowing for the transparent movement of files to the appropriate storage tier. Featuring a powerful Universal Data Engine that performs completely out-of- band, StorageX automates file management, so that organizations can unleash the power of their data cloud.

Analyze Data, in a Single View

StorageX helps organizations gather valuable insight about their data that is held captive across proprietary storage silos. Using intelligent query methods and access to file metadata information, the intelligent cloud file management platform provides the actionable information enterprises need to enable storage tiering, storage optimization, storage movement, storage protection, archiving and more. As
a result, enterprises always know what data they have and where it lives.

Move Data Across Storage Resources with Simplicity

As infrastructure complexity grows, the challenge of moving data across heterogenous storage resources is difficult, risky and expensive. StorageX manages all file management needs in a single solution, using policy-based automation to reduce the risk and cost. Furthering governance and security practices, it supports policies based on existing file metadata information (type, size, last, access, and
owner) and custom metadata information (tags) that can be added as desired. Supporting migration policy operations across all storage types (NAS, File Servers, SDS, and Object) using industry standards (NFS, SMB/CIFS, S3), StorageX provides cloud file management with simplicity.

Manage Data with Advanced Intelligence

With the proliferation of cloud-based infrastructure, file migration and management has become a strategic process that impacts the agility and responsiveness of all enterprise business units and departments. StorageX serves as a central command center for this increasingly critical operation, enabling organizations to view and manage data from live to archive. Using a standards-based approach, the powerful
platform removes the barriers that exist across heterogeneous storage types for the ability to move and adapt to changing business demands more quickly. Deep file metadata information provides layers of intelligence to make decisions faster and act more quickly so that enterprises can rationalize data placement with their business needs.

Modernize to Adapt to a Changing Cloud Landscape

Today’s digital transformation goals require a more responsive, nimble infrastructure with the freedom to choose new directions without vendor lock-in. IT is no longer the sole owner of your data. StorageX empowers the entire enterprise from line of business and application owners to tap the value of their data for competitive advantage. Using open standards and powerful automation and operating out-of- band, it enables enterprises to direct when and where they need their data to be. This means a more dynamic, empowered enterprise that can react faster to the changing demands of the business.

Our Team

The Data Dynamics team are experts in enterprise data center storage environments, passionate about the StorageX product, and honored by the loyalty StorageX customers have shown to the product over its lifetime. At Data Dynamics, we are excited to be building the next generation of industry-leading intelligent data management solutions.

Dynamic data management is at the core of our DNA and the cornerstone of everything we build. Let us show you how StorageX can free your data held captive behind multiple storage silos. It’s time to break down the barriers and give you back your data and empower your enterprise to seamlessly analyze, move, manage and modernize your critical data assets across hybrid, cloud and object-based storage
infrastructures for true business transformation.

Piyush Mehta, CEO


Piyush has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, with the past 20 focused in software and technology services. Currently Piyush serves as CEO and a Board Member of Data Dynamics, Inc., a company he founded in 2012.

Piyush is committed to building software solutions that drive value for his customers. He believes that a customer-centric focus is a must, and thus builds an internal team culture with a “customer-first” mindset.

This customer-centric focus has allowed Data Dynamics to have 25 percent of the Fortune 100 companies as its customers, as well as 12 of the world’s top 20 banks.

He is passionate about business start-ups, and loves the rollercoaster ride that comes with it as well as the challenges inherent to it. Piyush believes a start-up team becomes a family as they spend more waking hours together.

This has helped develop a culture that inspires and rewards creativity and unity within the organization. Further, such a sense of belonging and commitment with each team member becomes core to business success.

In addition, Piyush is focused on driving balance sheet value for his shareholders, while ensuring that the company is efficient with its capital. This has allowed him to build organizations with “boot-strap” funding, relying on organic sales to help drive growth rather than a constant dependence on external funding.

Often called the “Dean of Data,” Piyush has established alliances and partnerships with key industry leaders within the data management field. His extensive global experience includes areas such as business strategy, treasury and finance, investor relations, acquisitions and divestitures, and operations.

John McGeever, CIO


John McGeever brings over 20 years of information technology experience in the defense, financial, OEM and software industries to his role as VP for Data Dynamics.

Prior to joining Data Dynamics, John was VP of Product Management for SANpulse Technologies, where he was integral in the design and implementation of the companies storage migration product strategy and roadmap. He has experience in various aspects of the product development process, including software specifications, testing and validation, technical documentation, user training, and product support. John also focused on storage area network technologies during his employment with Lehman Brothers, McData and Brocade. He has held various technical and management positions throughout his career including System Analyst at Grumman Data Systems, DVP Manager of Unix Systems at PaineWebber, VP Manager of Data Center Systems Administration at Merrill Lynch and Project Manager at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

John received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from St. John’s University in Queens, NY.

Cuong Le, Senior Vice President, Field Operations


Cuong Le brings over 20 years of information technology experience in enterprise infrastructure sales, marketing, and development. He brings his experience in storage, server, and systems management to his role as Senior Vice President of Field Operations for Data Dynamics.

Prior to joining Data Dynamics, Cuong was the Executive Director of Enterprise Technical Sales at Lenovo, where he was responsible for leading the world wide technical sales community for the Lenovo Enterprise Business Group. Prior to his role at Lenovo, he was the Director of Worldwide x86 and Pure Systems Technical Sales at IBM and was responsible for transitioning the IBM x86 technical sales organization to Lenovo as part of Lenovo’s acquisition of the IBM x86 business. As the technical sales leader, he developed the technical sales team’s capacity, capability, and competency in driving sales execution, collaboration and innovation with clients.

Cuong held a diverse series of technical and management assignments at IBM. He worked in product development as a product architect and manager responsible for delivering storage and systems management products. In his role in development, he was awarded 17 patents. He was in a technical sales management and leadership role for 8 years, where he was certified as a Distinguished IT Specialist.

He earned a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Arizona.

Marc Pfeiffer, Vice President, Systems Engineering


Marc is a 30+ year IT veteran, whose technology background covers large-scale system design and call center and datacenter design, as well as disaster recovery and networking. Over the past 16 years, he’s specialized in all things storage-related.

Prior to joining Data Dynamics, Marc managed System Engineering teams for NetApp. He and his team specialized in defining technology requirements against the business requirements backdrop and developing storage solutions to meet those requirements.

At EMC, he managed both System Engineers and Professional Services Teams that provided solutions to the biggest accounts in the New York/New Jersey area.

Marc started his career as a Technical Specialist for Dow Jones. Managing through change has become his forte. His management career started a month before the first attack on the WTC. The company he supported was in the B6 level. He managed his business’s recovery from ground zero. As the Director of Architecture Planning at a telco, he helped the company go public and then get sold to AT&T. He’s successfully managed teams through the tumultuous financial contraction and expansion over the last 20 years.

Anwar Muhammad, Vice President, Product Management


Anwar has over 30 years of technological experience in wireless, Voice Over IP, Storage, and Converged infrastructure. He is an expert in software life-cycle management and has successfully delivered several products to the market. He has served leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies alongside start-up organizations.

He joins Data Dynamics from Dell EMC, where he was a consultant-level product manager responsible for defining, planning, and delivering the next generation of converged infrastructure platforms for large-scale private and hybrid cloud. He is a proven leader and has worked across strategically-aligned businesses to deliver a common set of objectives for Dell EMC customers.

Anwar has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Mississippi State University, and a Master of Science in Information Systems from George Washington University. He is a certified CIO by GSA and has a Green belt certification in six-sigma.




Our Awards

Data Dynamics Selected as Finalist for 2017 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award


Data Dynamics StorageX Data Management Platform Wins Silver for 2016 Storage Magazine Product of the Year Awards


Data Dynamics StorageX Data Management Platform Wins Computer Technology Review Most Valuable Product (MVP) 2016 Award


Data Dynamics StorageX Unstructured Data Management Solution Wins the Gold for 2015 Storage Magazine Product of the Year Awards


Data Dynamics Selected as Finalist for 2015 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award


Data Dynamics StorageX Solution Named Computer Technology Review 2015 MVP Award Winner

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