Our Story

Data Dynamics empowers enterprises to seamlessly manage their critical data assets—across the entire information lifecycle — while maximizing the value of their current and future infrastructure investments.

That’s a strong claim, but we can back it up with results. Our award-winning StorageX software — originally developed by NuView, Inc. and quickly deployed across hundreds of loyal enterprise customers — empowers management of unstructured data with a policy-based model that not only drives operational efficiencies, but also mitigates risk and enhances data security.

This unprecedented platform integrates seamlessly into enterprise applications to help organizations intelligently analyze, discover, optimize, and manage their unstructured data and provision it to the appropriate storage resource. The result is a unified, unstructured data management platform that offers true data mobility and helps our customers painlessly manage large volumes of information across on-premises and public cloud storage infrastructures.

Intelligence-Based Decision Making

The StorageX platform from Data Dynamics provides intelligence-based decision making to automate the full lifecycle of unstructured storage management, empowering storage teams and business units to discover, optimize, manage, and audit the value of their storage infrastructure investments. The platform’s discovery capability ensures accurate understanding of access, utilization, aging, and other meta-data parameters, thus empowering utilization of its policy engine for accurate data placement and management.

Deep Analytics Capabilities

StorageX works through our platform’s API management, in which the policy-based engine is embedded directly into business applications with deep analytics to determine the best place for data to reside based on the information lifecycle. As a result, enterprises gain the intelligence to proactively manage, move, and store data on the appropriate storage tier for maximum performance and QoS. The intelligent management interface also allows for integration into enterprise IT monitoring, triggering automated data management actions to address performance or capacity issues and optimize storage resource management.

Unprecedented Data Protection

In an era that’s rife with cyber-attacks and data breaches, StorageX gives enterprises the one thing they need most: ultimate assurance that their data assets are secure and protected. By addressing the challenges that enterprises face with managing and securing unstructured data StorageX gives IT the controls to manage user permissions and instantly determine who has access to critical data assets to minimize the risk of data leakage to ensure on-going risk mitigation.

Unstructured Data Solution to Address Your Most Challenging Problems

In today’s complex enterprise environment, businesses must tackle a widening range of issues. Whether your data growth is outpacing the reduction in unit cost of storage, you’re still using point solutions and manual intervention to achieve data mobility, or you’re struggling with security risks created by compliance challenges, Data Dynamics can help your enterprise ensure optimized utilization of your infrastructure assets for a total unified data management solution.

Our Team

The Data Dynamics team are experts in enterprise data center storage environments, passionate about the StorageX product, and honored by the loyalty StorageX customers have shown to the product over its lifetime. Here at Data Dynamics, we are excited to be building the next generation of industry-leading unstructured data migration and management solutions.

We love hearing from StorageX customers using our solutions, because our entire team believes in quality and reliability as the cornerstone of everything we build. We also welcome opportunities to demonstrate our value to enterprise data center storage administrators who may not yet have had the chance to test out StorageX capabilities in their own environment. The solution is ideal for enterprise environments with large volumes of unstructured data that needs to be automated, consolidated, and operationalized into modern datacenter operations across local and public cloud infrastructures.

Let us show you how StorageX can help your organization achieve true business agility and data mobility by breaking down the barriers of siloed data — regardless of where it lives.