StorageX 8.0 Disaster Recovery Use Case

Storage Disaster Recovery

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Business Challenge: Managing Downtime

There are many causes of downtime—some planned like maintenance, others unplanned like a power outage.

Whichever the case, downtime impacts your users when they cannot access their file shares and exports. Your file system resources need protection from downtime, as do your business applications.

How StorageX Disaster Recovery Works

StorageX Disaster Recovery Policy Wizard regularly checks that your storage resources and links are available and accessible. If it can’t access a resource or link, it automatically fails over to the
specified secondary resources or links.

StorageX Disaster Recovery policies create a single pane for managing environments. Administrators can monitor shares, folders, and volumes for availability, failing-over users to alternate storage devices based on predefined policies.

Using Disaster Recovery policies, StorageX looks for changes to your monitored DFS namespaces and storage resources, notifying you when changes occur.

StorageX automatically tracks those modifications or additions and empowers you to quickly add new links or qtrees to your Disaster Recovery policy for monitoring.

 Storage System Disaster Recoverey

Why StorageX Disaster Recovery?

Protection against unplanned downtime is on every admin’s mind. Too often file storage resources are left unprotected, in favor of more immediate business applications.

  • Protect your file resources and links from planned and unplanned downtime.
  • Ensure access to your files, where you need it and when you need it.


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