StorageX 8.0 Replication & Availability Use Case

File Replication & Availability

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Business Challenge: Files When and Where They Need To Be

Large organizations, especially those with multiple locations, require regular movement of files to support business processes.

Typical examples include:

  • Distributed network file management
  • Remote site file management
  • Storage tiering and file optimization

Take customer service files for example. They’re commonly distributed to worldwide locations, so customer service centers have local access to the latest records.

Wouldn’t it save time to have a wizard-driven file replication solution performing scheduled file replication?

How StorageX Replication & Availability Works

StorageX provides administrators with automated replication policies to manage distributed files throughout the enterprise—from its source to the specified targets in your environment.

The Replication Policy Wizard pulls data from its source by default, though you can modify the replication topology to distribute data in a way that better fits your environment. For example, you might configure it to copy data to a series of targets in sequence, creating a cascaded topology. Alternately, you can set the policy to replicate data to multiple targets all at the same time.

When you create a replication policy, the Replication Policy Wizard automatically configures the policy to replicate data on a scheduled basis. If you want to modify or disable the replication schedule, you can change the schedule settings in the policy properties.

 File Replication and Availability

Heterogeneous SMB & NFS Replication

  • Simple Share to Share and Export to Export
  •  Multiple target support
  • Cascading replication support


Why StorageX Replication & Availability?

StorageX is more than just a file migration tool. It’s a powerful file management solution, that replaces standalone products for file analysis, file migration, file replication, file archival, and storage provisioning


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