Storage X 8.0 File Security Compliance Use Case

File Security Compliance

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Business Challenge: How Can You Keep Data Secure?

One of the most common weaknesses hackers exploit is unauthorized access to file shares and exports. Phishing attacks, for example, often break into file shares via user desktop accounts and damage, delete, or hold files for ransom.

As a file security best practice, you want to regularly scan your file resources and look for files that have invalid SIDs or files that belong to departed employees. Following a merger or acquisition, your filesystems will likely undergo substantial alterations, modifications and additions. This change creates risk—risk that file access permissions are incorrect or missing.

How StorageX File Security Compliance Works

StorageX File Resource Policy Wizards empower you to scan your file resources, identifying files and shares that need change. Policy Wizards are fully automated and perform task such as:

  • Copy file permissions and ACLs
  • Clone permissions for shares and exports
  • Delete share permissions and export policies
  • Remove invalid SIDs
  • Map SIDs from source to destination folder

Use the Report Creation Wizard to create your own custom StorageX reports on the resources you want to include.

Health check reports identify security vulnerabilities and summarize the results, giving you a baseline to measure the effectiveness of your security protection measures.


File Security Compliance


Why StorageX File Security Compliance?

Managing the risk introduced by ever-changing filesystems is important to business.

  • Using StorageX you can regularly scan your file systems and identify potential areas of risk.
  • Having identified areas of risk, the problem(s) can be addressed quickly.
  • With monthly reports, you can monitor filesystem security risk as part of your quality control.


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