Partner Program

Unstructured data is growing at 65% year over year. To meet this explosive growth legacy hardware vendors and new start-ups are building next generation systems (software and hardware based) to address mounting demands for scalability and efficiency. Unfortunately, migrating data to take advantage of these new systems can be a tedious process and often creates a barrier to selling the storage solutions customers truly want. For those that can streamline the migration process, the market opportunity is limitless with estimates putting it north of $2 billion dollars per annum.

Capitalize on this market opportunity with StorageX. As you drive customer adoption to next generation means of unstructured data management, utilize StorageX as a centralized policy based storage management engine. Its analytical and intelligence based replication capabilities eases and accelerates the transition and management of unstructured storage.

How does it work? StorageX powers the intelligent migration to and management of unstructured storage with its software defined data migration platform. Using high levels of automation, StorageX allows your customers to intelligently discover, analyze, optimize, migrate, manage and report on large data assets for next-generation storage environments. As a result, it enhances business continuity while reducing the storage complexities related to hybrid and private cloud storage infrastructure management. Simply put, it will mobilize your customers’ data with ease.

Partner Benefits

  • Accelerate hardware sales
  • Increased margins on solution sales
  • Create competitive advantage with automation led value
  • Increase utilization of solution architects
  • Jump start training program on StorageX
  • Incremental margins on StorageX resell

StorageX vs. Manual Migration

  • 40% — Less time
  • 50% — Cost Savings
  • 99.9% — Risk Mitigation