StorageX Data Protection Module

Enabling a Highly Available Storage Infrastructure

The explosive growth of file data is creating significant risk. Both compliance risk as well as the impact it has on business continuity and user productivity. Mounting volumes of data, across multiple storage types and silos create insurmountable management complexity which directly impacts data governance, compliance and availability.

The StorageX Data Protection Module provides cost-effective file management in multivendor storage environments with complete support for governance policies and compliance requirements as well as access controlled risk mitigation.

Delivering heterogeneous replication across SMB and NFS file storage resources, the StorageX Data Protection Module provides high availability and business continuity. It replicates simple share-to-share or export-to-export, offers multiple target support as well as cascading replication support. With options for even the most complex replication topologies, the StorageX Data Protection Module enables true information availability in heterogeneous environments – or for maintaining data protection during data transition process to different technologies.

File Management Agility in a Complex World

The StorageX Data Protection Module provides administrators with powerful policies to efficiently manage distributed files throughout the enterprise. By directly addressing the needs of both administrators and users, it increases data availability, optimizes storage capacity and simplifies storage management for files – delivering a significantly lower cost for enterprise file data infrastructures.

Leveraging transparent, high-speed file migration, consolidation and replication, the StorageX Data Protection Module centralizes and automated key file management tasks for greater productivity including failover and remote site file management. Additionally, it leverages policies to automate tiered file migration from primary storage to secondary devices based on your specified criteria.

Meeting security regulatory and corporate governance compliance, the StorageX Data Protection Module enables seamless preservation of file permissions during migrations. As a result, it is ideal for the following operational projects:

  • Centralizing network file management
  • File migration and consolidation
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Remote site file management
  • Storage tiering and file optimization
  • File data classification and reporting

Enabling file replications of any size or in any distance, StorageX Data Protection Module supports distributed, heterogeneous data environments for CIFS or NFS compatible storage. Using granular policies to enable monitoring of replication jobs, StorageX increases data availability, optimizes storage capacity and simplifies storage management, driving lower costs throughout the enterprise file data infrastructure.