StorageX DFS Protection Suite

Availability and Failover for Complete DR Preparedness

When disasters and outages strike, you must be prepared. The cost and risk of downtime is simply too much for most organizations to survive.

Meeting the demands for true business continuity, the StorageX DFS Protection Suite monitors availability of Microsoft DFS namespaces, file storage resources and provides alerts and triggers actions when outages occur. So you can act fast – before downtime impacts the business.

StorageX also offers DFS namespace backup and availability features to enables users to failover and failback namespaces for complete DFS Namespace protection. Offering a suite of DR policies, the StorageX DFS Protection Suite can initiate failover form primary to secondary storage based on user-defined triggers. It also supports NetApp SnapMirror for replication – creating, initiating and breaking the replication and initiating failover when needed – using StorageX Replication to copy the data from site A to B.

As organization face imminent downtime – both planned and unplanned – it’s vital to be prepared. StorageX removes the fear of this downtime risk with the ability to failover users in a fast and seamless manner to help avoid business disruption.

While ensuring failover, StorageX also facilitates the centralization of business continuity management while minimizing costs. With policies that support failover across geographically distributed sites, StorageX allows for the centralized management of the global failover process, making business continuity a true reality.

The DFS protection suite also helps customers transition their Microsoft DFS Namespaces from Windows 2000 DFS root server to Windows 2008 DFS root server. Additional transitions are to help convert stand-alone based DFS root to domain based DFS root.