StorageX Software Development Kit

Automating Enterprise Orchestration for Any Environment

Not all environments are built equally. Yet, they have the same demands for efficiency, availability and recoverability.

Working to enable the powerful features of StorageX for any environment is the StorageX Enterprise Integration Software Developer Kit (SDK). With a StorageX REST API to create, run and stop data copy policies, the StorageX SDK enables enterprise applications, IT service management and asset management to orchestrate StorageX for data mobility automation.

Integrate Data Mobility for Custom Applications

With integrated analytics and optimization, the StorageX SDK automates enterprise orchestration practices, such as space management and workload balancing, as well as asset management processes including asset end of life data migration. For business initiated data migrations or changes in data service levels and cost, the StorageX SDK also offers the ability to be integrated into an IT self-service portal for simplified operational execution. The developer kit additionally features options to integrate data mobility to other custom applications.