One of the largest banks in North America selected EMC Isilon as a secondary platform within their NAS storage estate. To consider this transition successful, they required minimal disruption at time of cutover, avoidance of network contention during replication and copying security and permissions across platforms without errors.

With over 1,000 legacy NAS controllers, the customer decided to utilize a dual-vendor strategy for its NAS based storage estate. They selected EMC Isilon as the secondary NAS solution of choice to support their business needs. The challenges the customer faced were to ensure that they could replicate their data in the background, manage the amount of network bandwidth that they would utilize for the migration, and to ensure that they drove consistency in their deployments across all global data centers.

StorageX provided a single pane view for managing the migration and ensuring a consistent delivery mechanism across a global data center footprint. Leveraging advanced functionality for automated creation of replication jobs, QoS bandwidth management, and API integration to both the source and target to help analyze and plan the migration, StorageX was able to copy the data onto the EMC Isilon environment without impacting existing users during initial and incremental replications. StorageX supported both CIFS and NFS based protocols and ensured that the permissions on the source were copied successfully onto the new EMC Isilon target.

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