A financial institution with over 250,000 employees spread across 80 countries was looking at transforming their NAS infrastructure to a new platform and drive consistency across their global footprint. Their legacy hardware with over a petabyte in data needed to be migrated to the NetApp Data ONTAP storage platform. The transition from legacy storage to a new platform induces risks and the customer wanted to ensure minimal impact to users while establishing standards and driving consistency across their global footprint. For prior migrations they utilized host-based tools for copying CIFS or NFS platform storage. In addition, the customer had Microsoft DFS (Distributed File System) sporadically deployed in their environment and wanted to ensure that in those spots where it did exist, all DFS links would be updated to reflect the new target storage.

The customer selected StorageX as the migration and DFS management software of choice because it provided the required API integration with NetApp Data ONTAP, had the ability to copy security and permissions, and could automatically update the DFS namespace links. The StorageX platform could be deployed regionally to drive consistency within the global footprint. Then, StorageX would remain in place in places where DFS namespace management was needed to create automated failover for disaster recovery purposes.

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