Business Agility

Flexibility that Drives Business

Today’s challenging economy demands IT flexibility to remain competitive. To adapt quickly to meet changing business goals you need an IT enterprise that can keep up, delivering the scale, agility and data portability that will react quickly to dynamic business requirements.

Traditional data migration processes are complex, costly and full of risk. Limited technology options and heavy manual processes can make them labor intensive, difficult to manage and at risk to human error and business disruption. In fact, as many as 38% of migration projects fail!

At Data Dynamics, we put agility at your fingertips. Our approach to migrations will accelerate your return on investment and enable you to complete migration projects in 50% of the time and 50% of the cost of traditional, manual methods. Plus, we assure a 99.9% risk mitigation – guaranteed.


Regardless of whether you are embarking on a new cloud journey, new file storage technology, or consolidating data due to a merger or acquisition, we enable the seamless migration of file data from sources to destinations with ease. This gives you the flexibility you need to remain agile. It also delivers data portability to assure that you have freedom of choice to avoid vendor lock-in and remain ready for any business demand that may come your way.

Cloud Migrations

As you transition to the cloud, you seek greater scalability, cost efficiency and flexibility. But how can you be sure that the choices you make today will meet your needs tomorrow? You require the flexibility to move infrastructure quickly to meet changing business demands, so you and your data are never stuck, stagnate or restricted.

Data Dynamics StorageX makes your migration to the cloud seamless and transparent, with the simplicity that reduces cost and risk. Whether you are moving all of your business processes to the cloud, or simply leveraging the cloud for cost effective disaster recovery or cold storage, StorageX can make your transition seamless. And, if business needs change, you have the flexibility and data portability you need to adopt new solutions with ease.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are significant challenges for IT organizations. Different infrastructures, data silos, applications and workflows all must be integrated and optimized. The biggest challenge? How to quickly move large sets of file data between unlike systems?

Data Dynamics StorageX makes M&A IT challenges a thing of the past. With a start-to-finish migration project workflow, StorageX will streamline your migration projects, reduce the number of manual tasks and significantly reduce migration time, map users and their permissions from the acquired file systems to the users for the new combined company. Plus, it minimizes risks due to human error and helps to avoid business and user disruption so that your IT infrastructure has the agility it needs to drive business.

Data Dynamics StorageX makes the file movement and isolation for divestitures simple. StorageX automates the movement of file data onto target filers that are part of the divestiture, and converts the file system permissions to be accessed by only those who are part of the divestiture.