Insight to Your Data

Data Discovery, Classification, Analysis,
& Data Flow Orchestration

Find the hidden truth and dangers lurking

Unstructured data such as files and object storage has been a dumping ground, a swamp of data, that has both hidden value and liability to the enterprise.  Insight AnalytiX gives you petabyte scale discovery, classification, analytics, and data management automation of data in place that you need to deliver organizational accountability and compliance.

Business Benefits

Drive Digital Agility

Data is the currency of business. Unstructured data represents 85% of data that can either be mission-critical, important, just in case, or ROT.  Data Dynamics’  Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform automates data governance and data management policies to ensure your data is where you need it, when you need it, and in the form you need it.

Data Governance & Compliance
Automate governance through policy templates and workflows through data maintenance, engineering, stewards, and risk teams.

Power Your
Applications with Data

Deliver policy-driven data management, orchestration, and workflows to power your applications on-premise or the cloud.


Protect your customers and enterprise with privacy risk management to ensure compliance with policies, rules, and regulations.

Cost Efficiency & Optimization
Drive efficiency and total cost savings by 50%. Automate the management of ROT, orphan files, and inactive data while meeting SLAs.

Universal Unstructured
Data Orchestration

Technical Guide

Use Cases

Discover unstructured data, categorize and classify data based on metadata and file contents via tagging.
Create Data Flows between storage environments for applications and workload mobility
Privacy Risk Identification - Identify insecure files that contain Personal Identifiable Information that are classified as risks Privacy Risk Remediation - Drive workflow to remediate risks and take actions to protect data
Ensure data is where it can provide the highest value (i.e. proximity to apps, optimized speed and performance or match data value to cost (i.e. Intelligent Archive)
Enrich data with additional tagging and categorization to create catalogs of data that can be part of data pipeline or orchestration

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