EMC Isilon Transition with Data Dynamics

storagex-vs-manual-chart1EMC Isilon clustered file storage systems are highly scalable, easy to use, and easy to maintain. They are built on a distributed node architecture, with independent systems containing computing, memory, and storage capacity that join together to form a reliable cluster with automated capacity rebalancing to ensure redundancy levels and automatically mitigate any hardware failures. Whether you use file storage for file sharing, big data analysis, or advanced data processing, EMC Isilon is the closest you can get to web-scale architecture in your own data center.

Migrating to EMC Isilon file storage from another type of NAS system can be a challenge, given the high volumes of data involved in most cases. The StorageX Migration Module from Data Dynamics can make this transition easy by providing an enterprise-class software platform to automate and manage the process from start to finish.

emc-isilon-lab-validation1Key features that support effortless data migration to EMC Isilon clustered NAS include:

  • Automated migration process eliminates scripting and reduces the need for costly professional services
  • Intuitive user interface makes it easy to manage complex global migrations
  • Simultaneous CIFS and NFS support enables a single solution to manage all types of file data
  • API integration with EMC Isilon OneFS allows validated configuration of target systems during the migration project
  • Phased approach to migration reduces outage windows and user disruption
  • Exception reporting provides clarity on migration completeness
  • Scale-out architecture and proprietary multi-threading algorithms facilitate industry-leading migration performance

If you’ve decided that EMC Isilon is the right NAS platform for your business, don’t let data migration be a barrier. Data Dynamics is an EMC Select Partner with deep experience helping customers make this transition. Contact us today to learn more about how StorageX can facilitate a smooth transition to EMC Isilon NAS.