Achieve Operational Efficiency

Your IT infrastructure shouldn’t be limited by the vendor technologies you employ. Nor should it be hindered by your need to grow and scale. To achieve true operational efficiency you need a solution to automate the management of your heterogeneous data infrastructure so that you can be free from vendor lock-in while continuing to manage the growth and scale your business demands.

With a simplified approach to unstructured data migration and management, Data Dynamics can help you quickly provision new systems and environments, power up new infrastructure and retain your freedom of choice. As a result, you are never limited by your technology so you may capitalize on the options you need to support your business – all without risking downtime or efficiency.

Expected Project Savings for using StorageX on 1PB of data.

Expected Project Savings for using StorageX on 1PB of data.

Heterogeneous Management

Heterogeneous is the face of the modern datacenter. Today’s data assets are distributed across multi-storage, multi-cloud, multi-hypervisor, multi-vendor environments that don’t always “talk” the same language. Each NAS platform requires customers to dedicate specialized resources to manage the barrage of inflexible data silos that keep them shackled. StorageX breaks this antiquated model of managing multiple NAS islands with separate management interfaces – with a single, unified management platform that delivers data portability across multi-vendor storage infrastructures.

To make sense of this complexity, StorageX easily aggregates information across heterogeneous environments. Using a sophisticated validation rules engine, migration teams can see if migration designs will succeed, or fail prior to project execution, so that issues can be easily addressed before your heterogeneous migrations are even started.

StorageX has integration with several storage vendors API, allowing StorageX to automate many tasks including monitoring and performing basic provisioning, creation of volumes, qtrees, file systems, and share and exports across multiple systems without the need for specialized IT talent. StorageX drives productivity gains, allows sharing of people and skills across platforms giving customers the ability to implement a dynamic, multi-vendor strategy at significant cost savings.

Managing Growth

Data growth. It’s a fact of life for the modern data center. And, no matter how prepared you feel your infrastructure is unstructured data growth will continue to impact your operational efficiency. Without an elastic data architecture, massive data growth will remain a key factor in how ready you are to meet changing business requirements.

Data Dynamics StorageX is your key to managing rapid data growth. Regardless of the infrastructure you use today, or in the future, you know your data is portable and easy to migrate to new, increasingly scalable infrastructures. As you add additional storage capacity, with StorageX you can granularly define how to migrate file data, provision the additional capacity, preserve or modify security settings, even configure recurring schedules for transparent data movement so that you are always prepared for increasing volumes of data while curbing costs.


For many IT organizations the word “provisioning” provokes images of mountains of manual steps which vary between vendors, hours of issue remediation and costly risk mitigation. But provisioning your storage resources doesn’t have to be so complex. What if you had visibility into your storage resource provisioning issues before they happen?

With Data Dynamics StorageX you do. It will help you provision file storage resources on a day to day basis or design your migration project to see if it will hold up in a “real world” file storage environment before you ever start your data movement processes. It pinpoints issues right away so you can address them in advance. Then automated destination provisioning eliminates hundreds of manual steps and automatically creates the appropriate destination items such as volumes, file systems, folders, quotas, shares and exports on your destination file storage resources, making the process both seamless and risk free.