Privacy Risk Management

Information Risk Management &
Regulatory Compliance for your Unstructured Data

Business Benefits

Enable Digital Control

Unstructured data such as files and object storage has been a dumping ground, a swamp of data, that has both hidden value and liability to the enterprise. Data Dynamics gives you petabyte scale discovery, classification, analytics, and data management automation of data in place that you need to deliver organizational accountability and compliance.

Discover Privacy

Discover data in place, automated classification, and AI technology that identifies privacy and sensitive information risk.

Automate Compliance Workflows
Create compliance policies for data maintenance, engineers, and stewards. Remediate with audit logging and data protection actions.

Lower Compliance Cost and Impact
Implement policies that protect sensitive information and enterprise reputation while demonstrating due diligence to regulators

Digital Subject Access Rights
Easily search through storage resources and identify files that match the PII associated with any individual

Mitigate Data Privacy Risks

Efficiently identify PII in unstructured data using analytics

How It Works

  • Configure role-based access controls to assign permissions on data access
  • Create compliance and classification policies based on custom or pre-defined templates on types of personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Discover unstructured data in place with agentless scanning, AI powered data classification, with minimal impact to production.

Use Cases

Discover unstructured data in place across all your environments. Automatically categorize and classify data based on metadata and file contents via with AI powered file analysis.
Search through files across all of your enterprise environments for matches against PII identification, or specific individuals with DSAR
Create consistent due diligence with process to discover unstructured data in place, identify files with PII, and provide for remediation with audit logging, data protection, or data placement policies.

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