Risk Mitigation

Data Continuity for the Secure, Available Business

Business must go on, without interruption. Data security, disaster recovery operations and high availability are all critical business processes to assure compliance readiness and minimize risk. But they can’t get in the way of productivity or performance.

Data Dynamics StorageX reduces the business disruption and human errors that can cause risk while simplifying the management of unstructured data, in the cloud or on-premises, for secure data mobility, replication and protection.

The StorageX Migration Project Workflow

The StorageX Migration Project Workflow

Security Management

When it comes to corporate data, no security risk is acceptable. Data must be protected and secure at all times – throughout its lifecycle. From file creation to migration, management and recovery, data security must be present every step of the way to minimize the risk of data leakage.

Delivering simplified policy creation for security and governance, StorageX provides the simplified data management that assures security and compliance regardless of where content is in its lifecycle. The actionable platform mitigates exposure and ensures data privacy and security all without impacting productivity or performance. StorageX can help with automated file system restructuring, access quarantine, and repermissioning.

DFS Protection

When unexpected events get in the way of business, the cost can be catastrophic. Without a strategic plan for data protection you could be playing a risky game of data roulette putting you at great business performance risk, not to mention compliance and litigation exposures.

Data Dynamics StorageX changes the game for DFS protection. With DFS namespace backup and availability features, StorageX enables users to fail-over and fail-back namespaces and the underlying file storage resources for complete disaster recovery readiness. Failovers can be initiated from primary to secondary storage based on user-defined triggers so recovery is automatic and assured. Maintaining users access and availability to their files and minimizing any impact on disruptions to their file storage resources. As such, your infrastructure is always ready, come what may. It also supports NetApp SnapMirror for replication – creating, initiating and breaking the replication and initiating failover when needed.

Data Protection

As you evolve to achieve a modern IT infrastructure, it must be always available. It needs to deliver the business continuity that ensures that data will flow regardless of a disruptive event, unplanned outage or simply dramatic data growth.

To deliver business continuity, Data Dynamics StorageX supports heterogeneous replication across SMB and NFS file storage resources. This provides high availability and business continuity by protecting access via namespace resources and reduces the time and cost of disaster recovery or outages. Replicating share-to-share or export-to-export, StorageX supports even the most complex replication topologies mitigating disaster recovery risk during any transition process to different technologies.