Harnessing the Active Data Enterprise

The unstructured data you manage comes in all shapes and sizes. The challenge? Standardizing that data so that you can apply consistent controls, policies and management practices to achieve compliance, improve management efficiencies and become more agile.

Without processes for standardizing your data, you’ll face ever mounting data management costs, extensive maintenance time and ever growing requirements for storage capacity. It’s time for a change. With Data Dynamics StorageX you’ll finally be able to decommission old and costly technology, improve your time to value for new technology and realize the significant productivity enhancements your business demands. In fact, research shows that with StorageX you’ll spend 50% less time managing 100TB of data, realize up to 50% in operational cost savings and minimize risk to as much as 99.99%.


Tech Refresh Projects

Aging technology infrastructure can be a significant drain on your business. Maintenance costs, licenses and the risk of technology outages continue to burden your IT budget, taking money you need for new strategic initiatives. But moving file data can also be a scary unknown. How long will it take? Will it truly work without issue? Once I migrate will I be locked in to the new system for good?

Data Dynamics StorageX takes the unknown out of your tech refresh projects. Easy intuitive discovery of your storage resource properties helps you identify the data you have and where it’s stored. Modeling and design validation tools will help you build the migration process that is both seamless and risk free. Then migration automation enables your tech refresh project to be phased, controlled or programmatic all based on your environment’s needs. It’s tech refresh without the guesswork so you can eliminate that legacy infrastructure for good and get on to your strategic operations.


If you’re like most enterprises, you have thousands of file shares with large amounts of unstructured file data that is spread across hundreds of file servers and NAS devices. As a result, your data is growing like wildfire and it can be a weekly fire drill to consolidate it as hardware leases expire, storage systems age and technology refresh cycles kick in.

It’s time to simplify your data consolidation projects. Data Dynamics StorageX will reduce the complexity of file migration and consolidation, improve your storage resource utilization and optimize your file data management. Even when you have multiple heterogeneous file servers, StorageX will help you automate your consolidation and file migration processes so that you can put an end to the fire drills and get back to business.


Performance Tiering

Not all business data has the same value. Yet, all too often, it is all stored and managed as if it does. As a result, costly primary storage is quickly consumed with less valued data, impacting budgets, draining performance and driving new unnecessary storage investments.

Put your spiraling storage acquisition costs to a stop. Data Dynamics StorageX will help you easily automate your storage tiering and file optimization with policy-based control. Enabling the creation of tiers of storage across hundreds of Windows, Linux and NAS devices across your enterprise storage infrastructure, StorageX uses policies that automate the selection, movement and placement of file data based on file metadata and attributes. This allows you to optimize your information lifecycle management costs and align your storage practices with organizational objectives, so you’ll spend less on primary storage and save time on overall data management.