Storage Infrastructure Management

Comprehensive storage infrastructure management for complex, heterogeneous enterprise data center environments

Enterprise Storage Infrastructure Management imageMost enterprises today buy varying types of storage from multiple vendors to meet specific business needs. A typical enterprise IT environment contains storage resources from multiple vendors, including Dell, HP, IBM, Network Appliance, and EMC, each with their own proprietary device management tools. Storage professionals face challenges with finding ways to centrally manage data in such highly mixed environments, and often resort to rudimentary tools or home-grown scripts. These challenges include moving data across CIFS- and NFS-based file systems and efficiently managing storage and data using multiple tools from multiple vendors.

The Data Dynamics StorageX platform provides storage infrastructure management capabilities that allow storage professionals to logically view distributed file storage, and then use policies to automate data movement across heterogeneous storage infrastructures. StorageX gives storage professionals the following storage infrastructure management capabilities:

  • Central location to view and manage data in heterogeneous environments – StorageX provides Windows-based, device-independent management for multiple heterogeneous storage systems that use different protocols (CIFS- and NFS-based file systems). Administrators can move and manage data across different types of storage (DAS, SAN, or NAS), from different vendors, and across NFS- and CIFS-based file systems
  • Policy-based approach to file data management – StorageX provides policy-based management for a range of file management tasks, including data migration and consolidation, data archiving, data lifecycle management, and storage optimization.
  • Seamless integration into data center storage environments – StorageX is an out-of band solution that does not reside in the data path and does not cause latency or performance issues and supports standard CIFS and NFS protocols.