Make Your Storage Do More

Drive optimal levels of storage efficiency, risk reduction,
and data modernization

Business Benefits

Right-Sizing Data Storage

Data is the currency of business: it is changing, growing and costly to manage.  Less than 10% of your data is mission critical, more than 50% are creating liability.  Are you managing your data?

Data Rationalization
Know what’s important.  Ensure that the value of your data aligns to storage costs and SLAs

Simplify Operations
Drive consistent management across all environments. Integrate into IT Service Management (ITSM) to improve productivity by 10X

Reduce Cost
Automate the reduction of Data ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial) to lower Data TCO by 66%

IT Must Own the
Business’s Data Strategy

Whitepaper by ESG

How it Works

Discover, Classify, and Analyze all of your Unstructured Data across all of your environments. Know what is mission-critical, what is important, and what is ROT
Ensure your data is where you need it, when you need it, in the form that you need it across all your environments.
Policy based automation of data and storage lifecycle management
Create agile data storage management infrastructure to meet all of your current and future needs. Integrate unified unstructured data management into your IT Service Management and DevOps processes.

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TCO Savings


Reduced Data Foot Prints


Faster Restores

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