StorageX 8.0 DevOps Use Case

StorageX DevOps Use Case

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Business Challenge: Getting Files Where You Need For Analysis

New Business Analytics can provide valuable insight into your company records. For example, organizations are deeply analyzing customer web traffic to improve web design and product sales. The challenge is how to get all the data you wish to analyze in the right location for analysis.

What you need is a file management API so you can programmatically move the files you want to the location you need for analysis.

How StorageX Gets Files When and Where You Need

StorageX provides a RESTful API allowing you to programmatically control all its powerful file management functions. Copy, move, or archive files based on file criteria you specify.

We believe you should always have direct access to your files, and we build around industry standards. You will have access to your files with StorageX—where you need need, when you need them, and in the form you need them.

  • Program automated data movement policies to transfer or migrate of SMB/NFS source files to S3 Object storage and traditional file storage resources. Move an entire share or export to a new share or export.
  • Make StorageX the core of your storage management strategy. Move files from NAS to Object or NAS to NAS, and avoid the technology lock-in that products operating in the data path create.
  • StorageX SDK APIs allow for enterprise management applications, business applications, or development applications to directly invoke StorageX data management actions like: archive, delete, copy, or transform.

StorageX API DevOps

Why StorageX DevOps?

Imagine the difference it make for your business when you have full control of your data:

  • Move files easily across heterogeneous storage resources, placing data where you need and when you need it.
  • Automate routine file management tasks, raising IT staff productivity and—for customer facing applications—improving customer satisfaction.


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