StorageX 8.0 Cloud Tiering Use Case

Storage Cloud Tiering

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Business Challenge: Cloud Tiering

New business analytics can provide valuable insight into your company records. For example, organizations are deeply analyzing customer web traffic to improve web design and product sales. The challenge is how to get all the data you wish to analyze in the right location for analysis.

What you need is a file management API so you can programmatically move the files you want to the location you need for analysis.

How StorageX Cloud Tiering Works

StorageX is your solution to managing rapid data growth. With StorageX, you can granularly define how to migrate file data—locally to NAS resources or remotely to the cloud in S3-compliant object storage.

  • StorageX File Analytics identifies files to move to low-cost object storage for long term archival and cloud tiering. All file content remains in its native format.
  • Automated, policy-driven workflows migrate data, provision additional capacity, preserve or modify security settings, and even configure recurring schedules for transparent data
  • Change file attributes and mode bits, add custom metadata to scanned files, and transfer to S3 Object. Metadata is preserved in S3 to be able to rebuild.
  • You access files moved to S3 object storage using the StorageX Retrieval Portal, or access them directly using any S3-compliant browser or any S3-compliant RESTful API.


Storage Cloud Tiering

Why StorageX Cloud Tiering?

StorageX makes your migration to the cloud seamless and transparent, with a simplicity that reduces cost and risk.

If your business needs change, you are assured that you will always have access to your data.

Only StorageX delivers places nothing in the way of your data: no gateway, no file virtualization, no proprietary namespace, and no stubs.


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