StorageX 8.0 File Analysis and Categorization Use Case

File Analysis and Categorization

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Business Challenge: File Analysis and Categorization

File storage management is difficult: growth is unstoppable and no one can decide to move or delete files.

What you need is a file analytics tool to discover which files you have and collect the file data you need to keep them, move them, or delete them.

How StorageX File Analysis & Categorization Works

The StorageX Analysis Portal provides file system health, usage, age, size, activity, type, top consumers, and potential savings analytics. It empowers you to explore based on file name, location, creation, last access, attributes, and SID, turning insights into storage actions.

  • StorageX analyzes scanned file data, based on file metadata and custom tags, generating reports on your resources. Use data analysis to determine which files need to be moved, copied or archived.
  • Supported storage resources include Windows and Linux, Data ONTAP, VNX OE for File, OneFS, CIFS/NFS client computers, IBM Cloud Object Storage, StorageGRID and S3-compliant object storage.
  • Visualize file storage infrastructure relationships from Namespace, File Server, shares, exports, volumes, qtrees, folders, to individual files or S3 buckets to individual files.



Why StorageX File Analysis and Categorization?

Imagine the difference it make for your business when you have full control of your data:

  • Move files easily across heterogeneous storage resources, placing data where you need and when you need it.
  • Automate routine file management tasks, raising IT staff productivity and—for customer facing applications—improving customer satisfaction.


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