StorageX 8.0 Filesystem Restructuring Use Case

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Business Challenge: Filesystem Restructuring

What if you had visibility into your storage resource provisioning issues before they happen?

For many IT organizations, the word “provisioning” conjures up mountains of manual steps, vendor dissimilarity, hours of issue remediation, and costly risk mitigation.

But provisioning your storage resources doesn’t have to be so complex.

How StorageX Works

StorageX’s automated destination provisioning eliminates hundreds of manual steps and automatically creates the appropriate destination items:  volumes, file systems, folders, quotas, shares, and exports on your destination file storage resources, making filesystem provisioning seamless and risk-free.

  • Use StorageX to provision heterogeneous file storage resources: CIFS shared folders, NFS Exports, Data ONTAP volumes, qtrees, and SNAPMirrors. For S3 compliant storage systems, StorageX can provision S3 buckets.
  • Restructure and provision your file storage resources on a day-to-day basis or as part of your migration project.
  • Gather detailed hardware configuration details and filesystem information through infrastructure reports. They provide intelligent and dynamic views of your file storage infrastructure.

File System Restructuring

Why StorageX for Filesystem Restructuring?

For over fifteen years, StorageX has been the industry leader for enterprise file management. New StorageX 8.0 raises the bar for file management with integrated analytics and SMB/NFS to S3 data movement.

We believe you should always have direct access to your files, and we build around industry standards. Get your data where you need it, when you need it, in the form you need it.


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