StorageX 8.0 IT Service Integration Use Case

IT Service Integration

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Business Challenge: Getting Your Team Integrated with IT Services

Large organizations with thousands of employees know the challenge of handling of its employee needs. The company Help Desk is swamped everyday with simple requests to provision file share, move files, and decommission shares as employees depart the company.

You need to integrate these simple file management tasks with your ITSM application. Simple IT processes can be automated to improve Help Desk productivity.

How StorageX IT Service Integration Works

StorageX provides a robust RESTful API that gives you programmatic control over its file management functions. Use the StorageX API in your custom application to perform many different StorageX tasks without the use of the StorageX Console.

For example, you can program a simple application to provision a new file share when an employee is hired. Conversely, when an employee departs, you can create an application to change the employee’s file share access to their manager.

  • Make StorageX the core of your storage management strategy. Move files from NAS to Object and NAS to NAS, and avoid the technology lock-in that products operating in the data path create.
  • StorageX SDK APIs enable enterprise management applications, business applications, or development applications to directly invoke StorageX data management actions like archive, delete, copy, or transform files.


StorageX IT Service Integration

Why StorageX IT Service Integrations?

StorageX’s customers include hundreds of the largest companies in the world, including four of the world’s largest banks. Our customers demand a sophisticated tool, including a robust API, so they can automate common IT processes.

  • Automate repetitive Help Desk tasks to improve IT staff productivity.
  • Scan file systems for share and exports with unauthorized or out-of-data access permissions to reduce security risk.


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