Storage Resource Management Use Case

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Business Challenge: Storage Resource Management

The modern data center is heterogeneous, with data assets distributed across multi-storage, multi-cloud, multi-hypervisor, multi-vendor environments that don’t always speak the same language.

Each NAS platform requires customers to dedicate specialized resources to manage many inflexible data silos that keep them shackled.

How StorageX File SRM Works

StorageX overcomes the antiquated model of managing multiple NAS islands with separate management interfaces. It offers a single, unified management platform that delivers data portability across multi-vendor storage infrastructures.

StorageX aggregates information across heterogeneous environments. Using a sophisticated validation rules engine, migration teams can see if migration designs will succeed or fail prior to project execution. You can address any issues before your heterogeneous migrations are even started.

StorageX has integration with several storage vendors’ API, allowing StorageX to automate many tasks: monitoring, basic provisioning, creation of volumes, qtrees, file systems, and share and exports across multiple systems without the need for specialized IT resources.

  • Monitor & manage storage resources & file mobility.
  • Move or split file systems for growth.
  • Load balancing & rebalancing based on SLAs
  • Archive Files to the Cloud or S3 Objects

Storage Resource Management

Why StorageX Storage Resource Management?

StorageX drives productivity gains and empowers you to distribute people and skills across platforms, helping you implement a dynamic, multi-vendor strategy at significant cost savings.

  • Move files seamlessly from NAS to NAS or Server to Server for a technology refresh.
  • Automatic provisioning of filesystem security at destination.
  • Predictable results with cutover estimation and full audit reporting.


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