StorageX 8.0 Technology Refresh Use Case

Storage Technology Refresh

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Business Challenge: Technology Refresh

The vendor technologies you employ shouldn’t limit your IT infrastructure. Nor should they hinder your need to grow and scale.

To achieve true operational efficiency, you need a solution to automate the management of your heterogeneous data infrastructure. Be free from vendor lock-in while continuing to manage the growth and scale your business demands.

How StorageX Works

StorageX helps you quickly provision new systems and environments, using an automated, policy-driven approach to unstructured file migration and management:

  • Analytics drive share and export movement, based on the dataset and your query criteria. You identify a set of matching shares/exports to be moved and streamline moving them.
  • Automated data movement policies facilitate the transfer or migration of SMB/NFS source files to across heterogeneous storage resources. Move an entire share, or export to a new share or export.
  • Automated access controls security management for Software Identifiers (SIDs). Make changes to SIDs, remove orphan SIDs, and preserve SIDs during file movement.
  • Decide when “cutover” will occur, or when you will stop sharing the source and start redirecting users to the file data in the new location.


Storage Technology Refresh

Why StorageX for Tech Refresh?

With StorageX you have the power to move millions of files at your finger-tips. Now you can move or make copies of large volumes of data to enable your global business functions.

  • Hundreds of the largest companies in the world trust their files to StorageX. Our largest customers have successfully moved petabytes of file data as part of large projects to modernize business functions.
  • With StorageX, you have access to your files, where you need it, when you need it, in the form you need it.
    • Our approach to file migrations will enable you to complete projects in 50% of the time and 50% of the cost of traditional, manual methods.



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