Unified Unstructured Data Orchestration

Unlock the Power of your Data and Transform IT

The Challenge of Data Orchestration

Most enterprise data remains ‘at rest’.  Is that bad thing? Well that depends on what that data is.  Most companies only know their data at a high level.  An example of this is they have finance database or the marketing file share.  We know what should be in there.  Can we take advantage of what’s in there?  Databases tend to be highly managed and well organized, but your NAS (network attached storage) is probably not in that same shape.  In fact, because 90% of your employees are not “IT” related, they have no constant rhyme or reason for how their files and data are stored.

CDO’s and the business units they work with have a constant challenge of evaluation and taking action on that evaluation.  As business changes and new needs are brought in, the evaluation and landscape of data zones will need to be reconsidered.   The ability to work with Data Stewards and have that translated to the Data Specialists is key. The abilities of an organization to manage through the constant change are what set them apart.

  • Gartner recently stated that without a plan for the NAS infrastructure, your Data management is likely to fail.
  • With NAS data growth in 50% range, the cost needs to be managed.  The recent evaluation of $1100 a TB of storage cost, means a considerable impact can be made by taking advantage of the data and turning it into and business asset.
  • Many companies have lifecycle management in place, but that’s for moving old data.  The usual idea is to move the data, not eliminate it.  The only evaluation criteria is access time.
  • Evaluating risk is key.  Sometimes the exposure of data can cost more than the cost of the storage.  Just recently…
    • Marriot London sued, could cost 1.7B euros
    • Capital One fined $80M.

Taking steps to orchestrate your data can not only save you money but by putting data where is can be most useful can help give you a business advantage.

StorageX by Data Dynamics is designed to scale to the largest Enterprise and provide value Data Orchestration across the entire NAS environment.  With its history of data movement, combined with its visionary abilities to analyze at both the file and file content level, the StorageX family of products can enable a successful Data Orchestration lifecycle…