Achieving Infrastructure Optimization and Business Cost Efficiencies in a Hybrid IT Environment with Unified Unstructured Data Management

The current state of the enterprise storage landscape today is more varied, data-intensive, and geographically dispersed than ever before. This will continue to accelerate at an unprecedented rate. According to Gartner, large enterprises will triple their unstructured data stored as file or object storage on-premise, at the edge or in the public cloud, by 2024 when compared to 2020.

I&O leaders must modernize traditional IT storage administration systems to deliver the proper balance of agility, control, scale, and efficiencies. The distribution of on-premises vs. off-premises storage (including both public and hybrid cloud) will shift markedly by 2025, with only 20.8% of the total enterprise petabytes remaining on-premises, down from 44.2% in 2020.1

A significant divide exists today between traditional enterprise IT environments and the public cloud. Enterprises need a single solution that embraces the hybrid cloud environment, meets compliance, implements governance, and reduces burdening storage costs.

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