Storage Optimization and Backup Efficiency with StorageX

Backing up data is a process that no one is aware of until they need a restore.  Hopefully, you rarely do.  The reality of the backup environment is that it costs your organization money.  The more data you have, the more you have to backup and the costs go up accordingly.

Costs are accrued in several places.

▪ Licensed Backup software

▪ Man-hours spent to manage the backup

▪ Media costs

▪ Media storage costs

There are also hidden costs in your infrastructure and it’s management that go unaccounted for many times.

▪ Disk space and customer’s time to get through their data

· Ex: I have 500,000 files to go through and the shared drive takes too long to find my data

▪ Risk exposure due to redundant or outdated files with sensitive information. 

· EX: Files from old employees.

· If sensitive data is exposued, there is hefty cost in terms of a lawsuit and regulatory violation.

This whitepaper takes you through storage optimization and backup efficiency with StorageX.

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