Creating Tiered Storage Architectures with Data Dynamics StorageX and Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS)

As an organization’s storage continues to grow, there is a need for solutions that enable proper classification of data so storage policies can be aligned with business priorities. An organization can reduce its total cost of storage ownership by transferring less-important data to less-costly storage systems, thereby freeing up space on its premium storage systems to store more valuable data. This process of creating tiers of storage can be implemented by classifying data based on certain parameters, and then matching each classification of data to the appropriate tier of storage through intelligent data migration.

Data Dynamics StorageX® enables the creation of tiers of storage across different tiers of file based storage. StorageX accomplishes this through policies that automate the enterprise-wide selection, movement, and placement of data based on file meta data and attributes. As a result, administrators can optimize the lifecycle costs of data across the enterprise by using StorageX to align storage practices with organizational objectives.

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