Migration into the Cloud: Useful Strategies for the Best Results

Executive Summary

Data Dynamics has worked with various customers from diverse industries to accelerate their digital journeys. With more than a decade of experience, we have seen the Cloud revolutionize the IT industry. The Cloud is being widely adopted for its financial benefits and its ability to help organizations quickly and efficiently adopt newer technologies and transform their business compared to traditional IT architectures. Aligning organizational business goals to market needs and scaling up existing technologies is not always easy. And finding the right strategy and partner is one of many decisions companies must make. The first and most difficult step in that journey is migrating on-premises data into the Cloud.  Having worked with some of the fortune 500 companies for migrating their data to the Cloud,  we have created this white paper that compiles all the factors that companies need to consider as they move their data to the cloud.

Introduction: The Cloud and Data migration

Enterprises across all industries and geographies are moving to the Cloud to reap financial, operational, and technology benefits. Cloud strategy for each enterprise could vary according to their business goals and digital strategy. Most of them adopt the Cloud for improving efficiency, performance, and agility in the system. At the same time, others are focused on innovation and technological expansions. This topic could fill volumes, but we can summarize it with this SWOT analysis approach:

Introduction: The Cloud and Data migration
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