Why NAS File Migrations Don’t Have To Be A Nightmare Anymore

File migration and mobility is rapidly escalating.  There are always new and seemingly endless requirements to move files between systems, locations, applications, and users.  New projects come up even before old ones complete.

The three most crucial purposes for file migration and mobility are tech refresh, file tiering, and NAS or filer consolidation.

Tech refresh

Tech refresh occurs when older file data storage is being retired and replaced by newer systems.  The data must be migrated from the old to the new system.  It also occurs when upgrading the file data storage or when changing vendors.

File Tiering

File tiering is utilized more frequently today than ever before.  It’s used to move files as they age to storage that aligns file value to the file storage cost.  Files will likely be moved multiple times over their life times.  From hot to warm to cool and eventually cold file storage.  That mobility takes place both on- and off- premise and frequently now to public cloud storage.  File tiering is also used for archiving, data protection, business continuity, disaster recovery, and compliance (regulatory as well as organizational).

NAS or Filer File Storage Consolidation

File storage consolidation has become much more important as data center real estate has become increasingly expensive.  Organizations tend to consolidate with the same or different vendors on a new system.  Commonly many smaller file servers are consolidated on significantly fewer larger NAS or Object Stores.  Key motivations behind file storage consolidation are cost, simplification of management, and better control.

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