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Data Dynamics’ Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform delivers the answer for ever-increasing risk exposure and IT infrastructure costs explosion threats

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We view the world of data management differently. We are fighting a different battle than other conventional data companies that are relentlessly focused on solving point solutions. Data has become equivalent to doing better business. It has become a central point of focus for every organization and yet, traditional solutions lack collaboration with the lines-of-businesses that deal with enterprise data every day.

Data Dynamics helps you embrace your data in a hybrid IT environment to propel business opportunities. Our Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform combines infrastructure and data governance optimization to deliver data-driven insight for immediate financial cost savings, data classification, and privacy risk management.

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The Future of doing Business Starts with Your Data

The rise of digital busines initiatives has made the role of data much more important. However, businesses today have more data being generated, more storage resources across global locations, and more regulatory obligations that demand compliance. Legacy solutions are complex, slow, and expensive, but most importantly, they were not built to handle petabyte scale data management and protection.

Data Dynamics addresses the data concerns of modern IT with its Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform – a single platform for unstructured data storage and data governance, including support for metadata and file content analytics.


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File data is at the center of the modern business. Whether for analytics or to adhere to expanded regulatory requirements, file data has a greater impact on both business opportunity and risk than ever before. Given the massive scale of modern file environments and the heterogeneous and disaggregated nature of the infrastructure though, many IT organizations fall far short of meeting the needs of the business. Technologies that offer content analysis across a broad spectrum of infrastructure types, such as those from Data Dynamics, are a must when it comes to optimizing & managing enterprise data in today’s world and should be on the radar of any business, digital or otherwise.

– Scott Sinclair, Industry Analyst at ESG –

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