The 7 Ways Managing Your Own Data Can Give You the Advantage

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Uncategorized

Have you experienced vendor lock-in? Is there an easier way to manage and store your data? Data management can play a huge factor in productivity and efficiency. Understand the benefits of StorageX and how you can transition to a rich set of capabilities that are the building blocks to Dynamic File Management for the Digital Enterprise.  

The 7 Benefits of StorageX

  1. Analytics: Know what you have and where it is with intelligent views. StorageX provides powerful file analytics to tell you what you have so you can turn your data from a risk to a strategic asset
  2. File Migration: With actionable data move your files with ease across any technology. Easily merge with another company and more.   
  3. File Replication: Copy files for backup, disaster recovery, DevOps, or performance. Don’t be tied down to one vendor, know that your company’s assets are in good hands.  
  4. Archive Retrieval: Even though it is not needed on a daily basis, organize your archived files for easy access. Keep archive data at your fingertips. Search and retrieve data for audits discovery and analytics.   
  5. File Archival: Centrally manage data from “live” to “archive” and optimize data placement for compliance needs. Organize your files to make it easy for anyone within your te
    am to find what they need.
  6. Namespace Management: Fully utilize Microsoft’s’ Distributed File System (DFS) capabilities from one console. Customize the organization of the DFS namespace to fit your company.
  7. Software Developer’s Kit: Integrate dynamic file management into key business application with RESTful API’s. The developer kit features options to integrate data movement with the cloud for file archival and disaster protection.
  8. Application Modernization API: Your Applications in control of moving data to the cloud and back. Cloud data done your way. Move files easily across heterogeneous storage resources, placing data where you need and when you need it.

benefits of StorageX

With the facts stated above, it’s evident that Dynamic File Management was created to ease the pain of not being able to access and store files. The benefits of StorageX will lead your company to success and prepare yourself for the cloud.

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