Eliminating The Chaos: Effectively Manage Data

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Enterprises are unable to effectively manage data due to technology lock-in, complexity, and risk. What is technology lock-in you might ask? Technology lock-in is the idea that the more a society adopts a certain technology, the more unlikely users are to switch. For example, the continued prevalence of the QWERTY keyboard layout is said to be caused by technological lock-in. 

effectively manage data

The Problems With Managing Data Today

Growth continues to impede an enterprise’s capabilities to manage data. Over the next year, there will be a 59% increase in worldwide data growth. Making it impossible for enterprises to strategically join the cloud. They have also tried to effectively manage data with archaic tools and manual processes – resulting in an IT system that can’t keep up, and not knowing what data they do have. With that being said, enterprises move data from one system to another instead of building value.

Execute a Dynamic File Management Strategy

What can you do to successfully and effectively manage data in the cloud? Utilize the intelligence offered, make sure you’re in control with Dynamic Data for the Digital Enterprise. Analyze your data by knowing what you have and where it is. Have the capabilities to unlock your files and move them with ease. Control, manage and synchronize file resources on demand. Lastly, modernize and always integrate dynamic file management as technology moves forward.   

Be in Control & You Can Effectively Manage Data

Curious about how controlling your data will affect your company? It has been proven that properly managed data increases by 10x and reduces costs by 50%. Unlock your data assets, prevent vendor lock-in, and uncover the true value of efficiently managed data with Data

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