A Valentine’s Day Love Letter From Your Files

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Your files wanted us to share this letter…


To My dearest IT Storage Professional,

Where art thou? I write you this Valentine’s day from the depths of the company file shares. On behalf of all the aging and orphaned files hidden away never to see the light of day, I must ask—why have you abandoned us?

When we were “young” and active files, we worked daily with staff crafting marketing plans, reports, spreadsheets, and presentations that helped launch the company.  Now that years have passed and our creators have been promoted, changed roles, or left the company, you don’t see our value anymore.

Or are you just upset because of how expensive we are to store, year after year? 

I implore you to consider the valuable information we contain:

-Business challenges we faced and how we addressed them.

-Market and financial statistics we collected and how they compare today.

Business strategies we deployed and which ones were successful.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s reignite the relationship by finding that passion that brought us so close…I’ve seen StorageX Analytics help many others reconcile and rekindle—we should do the same.

Together we can energize the company with deep insight into past company practices by:

-Performing complex searches and identify files by age, type, and owner.

-Adding custom tags to organize files by project or department.

Moving files to S3-compatible Object storage, for safe keeping.

Might we schedule a product demonstration on Storage X to learn more?

I would so look forward to working together again—and help move us toward a digital enterprise!


Your Unstructured Files 

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