Mar 26, 2024

Paving the Way to Data Democratization: Empowering Every Voice in the Data-Driven Journey

Data democratization gives owners access to their data to get the most value outside the IT department. With data democratization, data owners can fully own their data. Data management strategies for the companies that store their clients' data must contain a plan toward data democratization. Read the blog to know what are the most effective methods for businesses to integrate data democratization into their data management strategies.

Dec 8, 2022

5 Ways How Data Can Improve Operational Efficiency and Productivity in a Volatile Economy

When the economy struggles, an organization's most valuable asset produces tangible value. To retain economic stability and overcome the effects of the recession, organizations must focus on using data to increase operational efficiency and productivity rather than taking harsh steps. Read the blog to explore 5 ways data can improve operational efficiency and productivity in a volatile economy

Sep 1, 2022

The Medical Journey: Often More Daunting Than the Ailments Themselves in the Healthcare System

With John's journey, we discover the need for the healthcare industry to accommodate growing volumes of data, provide data access to authorized users, support innovative solutions that leverage data in new ways, and enforce data security and privacy in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Learn how hybrid cloud data management can help healthcare enterprises become more data-driven and manage their data more effectively in this blog

Mar 15, 2022

Why Wait When You Can Migrate Your Data into Azure like a Boss with StorageX at No Cost!

Data Dynamics collaborated with Microsoft for its recent webinar ‘Migrate your data into Azure like a boss at Zero Cost!' Cloud Computing experts from Microsoft and Data Dynamics came together to provide insights regarding cloud adoption trends, common migration challenges, and best practices for planning efficient cloud migration strategies and, of course, talking about the revolutionary program - The Azure File Migration Program - zero cost migrations into Azure with Data Dynamics.

Feb 11, 2022

Three Transformative Ways Data Integration Is Shaping the Evolving Energy Sector Landscape

The energy industry needs data integration, especially as new technologies such as AI, IoT, edge computing, etc., are getting integrated to power this sector. Integrating smart meters, smart grids, synchrophasor, and real-time weather prediction systems with big data facilitates dispatch decisions, improves efficiency, organizes inventory, and increases reliability. Learn three ways how data integration is transforming the energy sector

Sep 7, 2021

Charting the Course: Bridging the Gap Between Data Breaches and Implementing Robust Security Measures

Enterprises use almost 2,000 cloud services, and employees often add new ones on their own. McAfee analyzed aggregated, anonymous files from 30 million cloud users and concluded that 21% of documents uploaded to file-sharing services contain sensitive information such as personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), payment card data, and intellectual property, thereby raising compliance concerns.

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