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Data stewardship is the responsibility of everyone in the organization.

What and where is the data I have? Who has access to the data? Is the data secure? Do I meet the compliance requirements for my data?

IDC research indicates that around the globe, organizations’ overall data will continue to grow 35-45% annually, reaching a staggering 849 exabytes by 2024, with unstructured data representing 80% of all world-wide data by 2025.  The challenge of unstructured data is that the data is often siloed across vendors, cloud environments, and lines of business. Irrespective of where their data is, organizations are responsible for knowing what that data is, maximize value, reduce risk, and optimize cost.

 Data represents a competitive advantage for those companies who master it, or a significant liability to those organizations who become overwhelmed. Many organizations ineffectively manage their unstructured data, often blaming the lack of an integrated data management platform. Data Dynamics’ Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform is what enterprise customers rely on to efficiently and effectively manage their data.

Unified Unstructured
Data Management Platform

Understand Stored Data
Move Data Intelligently
Secure the Data
Enable Compliance

Discover the Power of Knowing What You Have

Discovery and Analysis lays the foundation for enterprises to understand their data. Understanding characteristics of the data such as data ownership, when data is created, when data was last accessed, and the data types and sizes empowers data custodian decision making.

Data analysis

Access Data Where & When You Need It

For data custodians, data mobility isn’t just point-to-point migration of data. Ensure your data is where you need it, when you need it, and in the form that you need it, across all your environments with policy-based automation of data lifecycle management.

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Secure Proactively,
Share Confidently

The modern enterprise’s data estate consists of billions of files distributed across multiple geographic locations in a hybrid cloud infrastructure. The challenge enterprises face today is from both rogue agents and employees that may access and expose those files, resulting in a data breach. Diligent monitoring and securing of files with the highest potential exposure is of the utmost importance.

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Compliance That Meets Your Business Needs

Empower Data Custodians to make decisions about what data to store, how to store it, and what level of access and use is appropriate, with the individual’s consent. Meet the challenge posed by the massive volumes of personal digital footprints created as a result of the digital revolution and the Internet of Things.

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“Very helpful depending on the data you’re handling. The solution allowed us to use our data from different locations and remotely, all while keeping it safe and secured on the cloud, which added to increased productivity.”

IT in the Education Industry

“NAS Migrations are Seamless and Error-free while using StorageX. Our overall experience is fantastic, and we get an engineer online on-demand. Also, the Services team is very helpful in providing training and support during the migrations.”

Program Manager in the Services Industry

“The product provides Enterprise File Management seamlessly. It is a high-performance product that provides rapid data analysis and data transfer between platforms. It helped us in accelerating data flow and saving storage on data files.”

Sr. Systems Engineer in the Services Industry

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