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StorageX is Data Dynamics’ leading unstructured data migration software that delivers policy-based data migration with no vendor lock-in through data discovery and analysis. StorageX enables seamless cloud data migration, data center consolidation, and storage optimization to drive intelligent, swift, and secure petabyte-scale unstructured data migrations. StorageX delivers dynamic data for the digital enterprise so that your business can leverage your data to gain a competitive advantage.

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Comprehensive metadata analytics provides actionable insights to manage your IT business processes.


Data Migration to cloud


A powerful data migration software that can move petabytes of data from file to object or object to object across shares and exports with speed and accuracy.


Data replication


Automated data management policies facilitate the replication of source files to any location. Move an entire share or export to a new share or export.



File to Object Replication

Accelerate your journey to the cloud. Scalable, secure, and automated data mobility for file-to-object transformation.

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Object to Object Replication

As businesses adopt multi-cloud strategies, they depend on a secure, scalable, and automated solution to move their data between multiple object storage platforms.



Intelligent Archive

Intelligently archive your data with analytics by identifying files to move to low-cost object storage for long-term archival or cloud tiering.


Data auditing

DFS Management

A robust software solution to manage and synchronize the logical structures of DFS namespaces across multiple Windows servers.



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