StorageX 9.0

Business Challenge

After years of use, your files have become isolated and difficult to move across incompatible NAS platforms. You want to move to new storage technology to support modern, Web-based applications and reduce your total storage cost. The challenge you face is how to move large volumes of existing files across heterogeneous storage platforms.

Storage vendors are not experts in data movement. Their idea of managing data is to throw tons of consultants at a project, with the resulting cost potentially doubling your budget. You need a powerful file migration engine to move entire shares and exports yourself, allowing your business to adapt to changing technology more quickly.

  • Is your purpose for adopting new storage technology to improve  business agility and productivity?
  • Are you asking yourself, “Why does it take so many IT resources and consultants to manage my storage refresh project?”
  • How confident are you that you can move terabytes of data accurately and on schedule?

How StorageX Migration Works

StorageX Migration is a powerful solution for managing your file storage resources based on industry standards and uses an automated, scalable, and policy-based engine to ensure your migration runs smoothly and on schedule.

Here’s how StorageX Migration moves your unstructured data:

  • Analytics drives share and export movement based on your data and your query criteria. You identify a set of matching shares/exports to be moved and streamline moving them.
  • Automated data movement policies facilitate the transfer, or migration, of SMB/NFS source files across heterogeneous storage resources. Move an entire share or export to a new share or export.
  • StorageX gives you automated access control security management for Security Identifiers  (SIDs). Make changes to SIDs, remove orphaned SIDs, and preserve SIDs during file movement.
  • Cutover Estimation estimates the time required to move your data. Use the estimate to decide when you will “cut over”, which is when you stop sharing the source and start redirecting users to the file data in the new location.

Why StorageX Migration?

StorageX Migration is a powerful migration engine that moves large volumes of data across shares and exports with speed and accuracy.

  • Move files seamlessly from NAS to NAS or server to server for a technology refresh.
  • Provide automatic provisioning of filesystem security at destination.
  • Enable predictable results with cutover estimation and full audit reporting.

New features of StorageX 9.0

Storage 9.0 is power packed with new features such as DFS analytics, the ability to support NFSv4 and NFSv3 POSIX, facilitates a single share report showcasing the permissions of the Shares and Folder, and the ability to scan S3 and Azure blob buckets, and provides basics statistics such as total size and total object count

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